I am glad to share what I have learned, especially how I overcame my fear of aging!

First, we have to accept aging starts from the very onset of our birth.  To stay young and healthy, it is important to be on a suitable exercise regimen.

Know The Basics
There is usually a significant loss in the metabolism rate and this affects the muscle mass which eventually turns into inert depot fat.  With a consistent exercise regimen as part of our daily lifestyle, we have a better chance of maintaining an ideal body mass and weight.

Having a good and consistent exercise routine has been shown to not only keep diseases away, but has also shown to be instrumental in keeping us healthier both physically and mentally.

Motivation is always a good tool to use when there is a need to cultivate a consistent interest in a comprehensive and beneficial exercise routine.
The following are some suggestions on areas to explore that may be able to create the interest levels that can motivate us to seriously consider and start an exercise routine:

Important Facts
At some point in everyone’s life, there would be instances where health issues would have to be dealt with.  Learning how to deal or cope with these issues using exercise as a positive tool may help us better manage or even eliminate such conditions altogether.

Some health issues may even be eliminated altogether if we are serious about adopting a healthy lifestyle that is centered on a good diet plan and lots of suitable exercises.

Exercise can help significantly in areas where there is a more slowed reaction time due to a compromised immune system, a diminished sense of the five senses, loss of appetite, dehydration, and some other debilitating conditions.

Health & Fitness Assessments
Before embarking on a fitness routine, we should first seek to have some sort of health and fitness assessment done.  This will not only help when it comes to designing a suitable fitness program for us, but will also help to highlight any possible health issues that might need special consideration.

Checking It Out
For those who are not already exercise enthusiasts, there is a greater need for careful instructions on the exercise to be performed, longer warm up sessions, longer cool down sessions, and regular assessments on the overall health conditions.

It is very important for us to acquire adequate strength, flexibility and endurance to effectively go through the motions of a regular fitness routine.
The most popular form of exercise routine would include swimming and some form of water aerobics.  Using the water to help relieve some of the stress the joints and bones may have to endure during an exercise routine, especially if we have not been exposed to any exercise routines for a long time.

Other fun activities such as dancing (my favorite), biking and lighter activities should also be encouraged, as they will also help to create the social interaction that we would enjoy.

This social interaction can act as a good motivating factor to stay with the exercise program even when outward results don’t seem to be evident. Simple stretching exercise and light aerobics routines are another good and beneficial form of exercise for us for the initial few weeks.

Last but not least, comfortable and loose fitting clothes and proper shoes should be part of the exercise gear.  This is essential to decrease the chances of sustaining injuries during and after the workouts.

Wrapping Up
It is important to stay fit regardless of your age and gender.  I hope this post has set you on your way.

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  1. Aging has changed dramatically in just one generation. There is a new reality to maintaining health and economic security and contributing to society as people age. Traditional retirement plans are disappearing, the cost of daily living continues to rise, and more than 84% of people aged 65+ are coping with at least one chronic health condition. Most importantly, people are living longer—much longer—than previous generations. The nation’s 76 million baby boomers have been given an unprecedented gift of time. Aging Mastery helps them address both the benefits and challenges of this new longevity bonus.

    1. Thanks for sharing Alexia. Very true that we have an aging population. Healthy aging is an integral part of healthy living. Additional tips for aging gracefully:

      – Exercise
      – Balanced diet
      – Keep our mood elevated as mental health matters
      – Stay active
      – Reduce stress
      – Get enough sleep
      – Find new and meaningful hobbies
      – Drink enough water
      – Practice mindfulness (I’ve shared this eBook before: https://beacon.by/beth-fiedler/mindfulness)

      Take care and stay safe.