Make Developing A Positive Attitude Easy & Fun

Many parents want their kids to be positive but don’t have the tools to teach them. Mind Over Matter, a NLP* inspired self-help book that makes learning to stay positive easy and fun. An 8-year-old has been playing in his room by himself for almost two hours. You’ll begin to worry if he is up […]

Stay with Abundance

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Regardless of your age, whether you’re in your 30s or 60s, all people have questions and doubt about their life direction. You may feel bored, busy with lots of projects, feeling empty romantically, you may feel depressed because of your job and feel that it’s a dead end, and you may even feel trapped in […]

More on Abundance

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Let’s resume our chat on Abundance. What does abundance really means to you? You hear this word a lot but have you ever really thought about what true abundance and wealth really are? And most importantly how you may experience more from them in life? Do you believe that abundance and wealth are possible for […]

The Buzz about Abundance

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The buzz about abundance is spreading like wildfire.  It is about time that you need to have a deeper understanding about yourself and about who you truly are.  In addition to that, you should also be aware about what you’re capable of doing and learn about the limitless resources that are available out there. I […]

What is a good keyword for SEO?

What is a good keyword? We get this question a lot when businesses are looking into search engine optimization (SEO). Let’s take a stab at answering and offering some advice. A simple answer: it depends on what you’re seeking to accomplish. Also, its complexity and difficulty will be based on many variables. For example, keyword […]

9 Inbound Marketing Stats You Need to Know in 2017

The inbound movement has always been about one thing: being relevant and truly helpful to your audience. This approach shouldn’t change, but as technology and internal company relationships change, marketers and salespeople must learn how to adapt to better serve their customers. To better understand how our relationships with consumers and coworkers are changing, we […]

Is Interactive Video the Next Big Thing? 3 Creative Examples from Brands

It’s hardly a revelation to say that online video content is phenomenally popular. Millions of words have been written on the subject, and millions more will no doubt follow. But one of the great things about marketers is that we’re always looking for what’s next. We know that it’s not enough to rest on our […]

The Best Days and Times to Send Your Email

From creating copy to the best time to hit send, email marketing is not an easy task, but there are certain things you can do to help make your campaign successful. If you really want to get your email opened and read, one of the most important things is to send it at the best […]

7 Pieces of Information Necessary for Any Marketing Strategy

Starting a new marketing strategy is exciting. You’ll get to come up with creative new ideas, see your brand applied in new contexts and in new ways, and hopefully see a positive ROI that makes all your peers and supervisors happy. But successful marketing campaigns don’t just appear out of thin air. A lot of […]