You’ve probably seen me talking about why I started an online global business after relocating to Cambridge, Ontario.

I estimate that the time I spent learning the Futures world … designing my own trading system .. and helping inexperienced and experienced traders … makes me different in many ways.

Was it scary to start learning something new and feeling out of control most of the time?  I can assure you that it was!  However, you know that old saying:

What would you do if you weren’t afraid?

Get ready for a BIG real time lesson in this post today.

There was a guy somewhere who, at the edge of a boat – FREAKED OUT and clung for his life at the edge.  Not daring to venture out and see all the amazing fish, coral and other world.

Just because he’s too scared to venture away from the boat, he is missing out a whole new amazing experience!

I understand that he is an extreme case of fear but then I thought about what boats I’m still clinging to?  (as a metaphor)

What boats are YOU still clinging to?

Do you need to venture out into unknown waters and discover the amazing?

Most people think that venturing away from the boat will result in failure and getting eaten by a massive shark.

The media and society would like you to think that.  You’re safe if you’re scared.  You can be controlled if you’re scared.

With this realization, I’m making a promise to myself: Venture further into the scary unknown waters.

I’d like you to make this promise to yourself too.  If you’re scared of starting a business, asking someone out whom you think is cute, or getting in great shape …

Then it’s time to let go of the boat.

Think about it – we will never find out the experience unless and until we try it!