Marketing is telling the world you’re a rockstar. Content management is showing the world you are one. (Robert Rose)

For us, not only do we use social media content which are hand-picked posts, we also use professional design and templates. If you visit our social media profiles, bet you will be impressed by the engaging posts we’ve shared.

Substantial efforts are spent to show the world we are a rockstar! We also put in significant amount of time in analysis and optimization. That’s how we track our posts’ effectiveness and post at the right time.

Beth Fiedler Instagram Analytics

Let’s get social! Once you’re on, be sure to listen to your community and find out what your favorite social media networks say about you. We always go through the comments and respond if required. Currently, we have an engagement rate of 35%. Feel good about that and will continue driving both adoption and engagement rates.

Beth Fiedler Instagram Engagement

Love to share your experience and feel free to comment below.

Thank you and stay awesome!