Many parents want their kids to be positive but don’t have the tools to teach them. Mind Over Matter, a NLP* inspired self-help book that makes learning to stay positive easy and fun.

An 8-year-old has been playing in his room by himself for almost two hours. You’ll begin to worry if he is up to decorating the walls with color pens or deep in nail-biting or glaring at his computer. Take a peek, and he is flipping through a Mind Over Matter book written by Beth Fiedler.

This book is keeping him captivated with short and simple stories and space for him to draw or write his own experience. It’s magical to give children an opportunity to share their own story when they’re being surrounded by inspiration. Mind Over Matter creates a perfect environment where their thoughts just seem to flow effortlessly and clutter-free. They would discover different experiences from the book which they could relate with their own and also learn something.

Beth has been in the experiential training field where she specialized in program design and skill development. She wanted to help people think positively and gain benefits from their experiences. “There are many of us who aren’t capable of letting go and stay haunted by past experiences. We need books that are created to be truly inspirational with self help components for the readers to act on. This is something I can relate to. I had a special childhood which haunted me for decades until I learned how to relive my experience and feel more positive.”

This kind of scenario is very common everywhere. Most parents want to help their child develop a positive attitude since this is associated with better mental health. “There is no technology embedded in the Mind Over Matter book to influence our mindset. It’s the personal stories that make the experience unique and create the most engaging possible experience.”

Considering the short attention span that we all have, the 3-picture story layout is magical to keep the children interested so that they will start writing or drawing their experience. They will feel empowered and like they are mastering a new skill to write their own story. If parents want to read with their child, it becomes a self-discovery activity for them to spend some quality time together.

“I can envision that children of all ages can enjoy this book on their own or with their parent. For adults, it will uplift their spirit and motivate them to see things differently. Reading my stories will remind them about what they already know, or aspire to be, and trigger something within them to get back on track.”

This highly engaging Mind Over Matter book was launched on Amazon in late-August and so far, it has gained attention from the NLP and mindfulness communities. For example, it was praised by Dr. Linda Ferguson, Senior Partner of NLP Canada Training Inc.

“This little book is a wonderful way to experience two of the keys to NLP practice. The first key is the shift: a small change in perception that generates big changes in feeling and possibility. The other key is deliberate optimism. Beth shows us how to play even with difficult experiences and painful memories. Her simple, evocative images and suggestions are a great reminder that hope is not complicated. Good things happen one thought at a time. “

Beth will have her guest appearance with The Daily Show on MINDBODYRADIO and Mid-Week Warmup Show on Northumberland 89.7 FM on October 28 and October 30 respectively. She will also be considering strategic alliances such as partnering with training consultants who are interested in leveraging her book to reinforce ideas like forgiveness, respect, creativity, improved confidence and positivity in life.

*NLP stands for Neuro-Linguistic-Programming. It is a toolkit consisting of techniques and practices to improve communication, relationship management, mindfulness, change management and more.