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Extend your social media presenceEnhance your social listeningDrive adoption and engagementConnect with your customers and prospects

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Build long term relationships with your target audienceGrow your social media audience and get more salesPost more engaging content

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In work and life, there are two kinds of failures: actions and inactionsYou can fail by doing something that didn’t work out or by doing nothing at allWhen people reflect on their biggest regrets, they wish they could redo the inactions, not the actionsUltimately, what we regret is not failure, but the failure to act

Truly Set & Forget
Tired of finding cool things to post on your social media? Feeling frustrated?Let us take care of your editorial calendar and no supervision from your end. Put your social media profiles in the spotlight and gain natural audiences. You’re covered!

How does it work?
Complete a simple survey for us to understand your social media presenceLet us help you define your needsStart engaging your target audience

What services can be covered?
We will look into consistent social handle names for your businessWe will do keyword research to identify the most popular tags to be used for your social posts (eg, Instagram and Twitter)We will create social calendars for the social platforms you choose (currently available for Facebook, Instagram and Twitter)We will do an audit on your website (if you have one) – always free for our customers

Where can you find our plans and pricing?
We will tailor-make a plan just for you so that it will meet your needs. You can be asssured that your social media presence is growing hands-free without a full-time content management team member.Pricing can be as low as getting a coffee daily for us.

Our team is backed by over thirty years of experience

Nelson Fiedler
Marketing Consultant

Beth Fiedler
Business Consultant & Certified Social Media StrategistWriter & Self-Publisher

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“64% of consumers have made a purchase decision based on social media content”

“The benefit of social media is to to get to know your audience”
~ The Fiedler’s

“Marketing without data is like driving with your eyes closed”
~ Dan Zarrella